Testing first

Primarily the goal of factories is to provide “easy to generate” data at test time - however this data must be 100% reliable, otherwise it’s too easy to create false positive and false negative test results. By calling full_clean on every Django instance that is built, this helps to create certainty in the data used by tests - the instances will be valid as if they were created through the default Django admin.

Therefore, since it’s so important that each factory creates valid data, these wrappers are tested rigorously using Django projects configured in the test_framework folder.

See also

  • django-factory_boy which implements more factories for Django’s stock models, but doesn’t validate generated instances and has less tests.
  • Django Factory Audit which compares every Django factory library I could find with respect to how they create valid instances.
  • Django’s model save vs full_clean for an explanation of how Django can screw up your data when saving.